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Milda Jokubaityte

Hello, thank you for viewing my page and here are some facts about myself: I was born in Lithuania in 1991 and as soon as I realised that pens are not for eating I developed a huge interest in drawing. Thanks to my family who encouraged me to use this talent I kept practising (I loved drawing horses in particular), when I was in my 5th grade I started attending a four year course in Art of School in my hometown Siauliai where I had a number of different classes of fine art, such as drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, ceramics and even leather crafts. In 2008 I figured that I want some changes in my life, so moved to England where I started working part time and attended a two year course in Art & Design. Later I successfully completed Animation & Illustration course at university with a 1st class degree. Even though I had some fun time creating moving images I decided to stick with illustration and art only. I also have been earning an extra living as a portrait artist for the past several years and I've received lots of acknowledgement and positive feedback towards my work, I probably should thank my passion for drawing people's faces.

Here on my website you'll find a variety of my work examples, including personal practice, client commissions and assignments from my studies from university and college. As I love to swap from digital to traditional drawing, you'll find both. My style is mostly realistic with attention to details but I must admit I've had much fun when creating cartoon characters which you'll be able to see in one of my album.

If you want a quote or want to simply ask a question - I would be more than happy to help you so don't hesitate to contact me! 

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